Andy Jones – Radio Britain

A 10 track album from the singer-songwriter who mixes blues, folk, rock & Indie. This is a purely solo album, his voice and guitar with the occasional harmonica. Simple, clean and relaxing, an enjoyable listen.

Ecstasy Face is a Dylanesque as you can get, whistling, harmonica and folksy blues. For a song about going out on the town & getting drunk it feels more Sunday morning than Saturday night, being laid back, but a genuinely well crafted song. On the Road is a very very short track, with much grittier vocals, its repeat of “its alright” makes me think of Bon Jovi. Out of the Fire leans more to Springsteen, with its style but I feel it needs a little more energy to give it the spark it needs. I am Alive has a very low vocal, almost mumbled rather than sang, hard to follow but at the same time quite comforting, and a sweet picked guitar that builds and grows to a crescendo. 3 Shots to Nowhere picks the pace up a bit more, it rolls along without really going anywhere, gently meandering in a pleasant way. Make it Easy on Yourself is acapella and showcases Andy’s voice well, its nice to hear just a voice, and that makes the liveliness of Radio Britain more dramatic. It’s a rockier song and feels more up to date than some of the songs on this album. Dirty is an apt name, for the next track is dirty sounding and sexy, it has a great rhythm too, easily my favourite of the album. Hannah is a track I have issues with, it reminds me too much of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, same feel and melody – just different words. Much as I love that track, I think Hannah is no where near that quality and will always come off second best in the comparisons that will be drawn from the similarities. Cinema Girl is wistful and brings the album to a lovely end, sweet and loving but sad at the same time. It just ends too abruptly and that seems a shame.
As singer-songwriter solo albums go, I would rather this than an Ed Sheeran album, but I think Andy can push himself to do more and his next album could be very impressive. There are some interesting ideas here, which he can build on, experiment with and take to new levels and then he might actually shake a few people up. At times a little dated, or derivative it does show that he has a good voice and plays well, and when you need a restful album to chill to, this will fill the spot.