Andy Jones -Down & Out in Mercia

Andy Jones from the Midlands, a singer – songwriter armed with a guitar and the occasional harmonica. He flits between rock, indie, folk and blues in his style and this gives his music great variety. This EP contains 5 tracks – two are solo and 3 are band tracks.

Idle Me & Ragged Castle are the solo tracks, they don’t lose anything from being just a guitar and voice – there are no obvious gaps in the music. Idle Me combines elements of Bob Dylan with Ed Sheeran, it is honest and well done. Ragged Castle is the best if the EP, it’s a comfy pair of slippers, mug of cocoa and a cosy, quiet night in with a loved one. These slower numbers have a clarity of recording, a brightness and the tempo suits Andy’s voice better. There is some lovely guitar work, the finger picking is very relaxing to listen to.
Track 3 is Show Me Love featuring DNME – no idea who DNME are and from this track I won’t be bothering to find out. With full band, its more up-tempo but the rap section really put me off and the vocals sounded slightly off and grated on me.
Lost in Translation & Wasters on the Roadside can be summed up together, similar in style, Dylan meets Springsteen, good time rock n roll. Again full band, very live sounding and up tempo, there is a familiarity to these tracks, I wonder if I have heard them before, there is a feel good, party, fun times essence to them. The drawback is that on these up tempo tracks, Andy’s voice loses it a bit and seems to struggle more but not in an unpleasant way, it just doesn’t have the smoothness that the slower tracks gives it.
Over all a decent EP, apart from that one track, it is a good introduction to what Andy Jones can do.